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|Sublimation Printing

What is Screen Printing?

In the industry, it is often called “silk screen printing”. In a nutshell, this process puts ink to apparel by way of a stencil that is burned onto a framed screen and then used to transfer ink onto any item you desire. Though it requires a tedious set-up process, it provides the highest quality print in the industry after years in existence. Once it is set-up, it is the most economical solution to reproduce the same image on hundreds, or even hundreds of thousands, of items.

Our most popular printing method and the industry standard, this type of silkscreening is done with Plastisol printing inks. We only use high-quality inks that ensure product longevity and color vibrancy throughout the life of the apparel. 

What Works & What Doesn't

Regular Screen Printing is Best for:

  • Custom T-shirts

  • Hoodies & Hooded Sweatshirts

  • Dry-fit Performance Apparel

  • 100% Wicking Polyester tees

  • Wetsuits (Neoprene Material)

  • Bathing suits (Nylon Material

  • Tote, Drawstring or Cinch Bags

  • Jerseys (basketball, football, soccer, etc)

  • Safety Vests & Safety T-shirts

  • Sweat Pants or Yoga Pants

  • Socks and Leggings


  • Most economical choice

  • Able to capture very high detail

  • Many inks with endless printing options

  • Longevity of print

  • Very vibrant colors

Be Careful When Choosing:

  • Softness (hand) of print is vital to design.

  • When design requires printing over seams.

  • When using burnout t-shirts.

  • If the printed apparel will need to be ironed

Factors that Affect Cost: 

  • The style of apparel

  • The number of colors screen printed per print location

  • Total quantity of each printed location

  • Material the garment is made of.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Dye sublimation printing is a full color, full-coverage printing technique. Your artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto your apparel using heat and pressure. The dye particles convert into gas — known as sublimation — where they bond to the polyester fibers.

Our 100% polyester fabric maximizes color, resolution and softness. Custom cut-and-sew garment prevents crinkles and errors at seams that printing on generic ready made shirts cannot avoid , that are printed all over  front and back. Our new 100% polyester Sublimation T-Shirt has a fuller, more relaxed fit,  more closely matching our Screen Printed T with the look and feel of 100% soft spun cotton.

Important facts about dye sublimation

There are a lot of things to consider when ordering dye sub shirts

Dye sublimation decorated apparel is bright , bold , big and colorful.  There are no boundaries and every piece is going to be as unique as you are.

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