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Not much can make or break your brand as quickly as great photography.

For better or worse, customers will size you up in a matter of seconds. In the majority of cases, they will never bother to read any of the text on your website. They’ll look at how you present your brand visually through photography, and either decide they’re interested or simply move on to the next business. Having the expertise of a professional. We can help you drastically improve the graphics and images you use in your marketing.

At iDea Concepts, we shoot incredible imagery, and we keep the end-user in mind. We understand how to shoot photography that will work on your website, your social channels, in ads, and anywhere else you need to use it. Our team has extensive experience producing a broad range of stunning photography that ensures the highest likelihood of success when we run ad campaigns, build websites, or manage social channels.

At present, we offer access to a select group of photographic services such as event photography, on-site promotional photography,  products on location, flat lay photography, and eCommerce photography. Still not sure our services are right for you? Take an in-depth look at how we can help your brand or company create photographs that impact your market segment.

Product Photography on Location

Shooting product photography on location is an excellent yet cost-effective way to shoot without models in a real-world context. If you’re looking to improve the look of your social channels or spice up your homepage banners on a budget, shooting products on locations is an excellent strategy.

In many cases, a product may require an on-location backdrop to display its practical use to consumers. Placing a product in its natural setting is an effective way of conveying its capabilities. It’s critical to use a team with experience in this unique field to successfully capture a professional on-location image of a product.

We’ve worked with countless brands and businesses to develop high-end, on-location photos that capture the essence of a particular product. If you’re looking for a team that can help you bring your product to life iDea Concepts is the most talented photography partner in the region with very talented photographers waiting to snap the perfect shot.

Flat Lay Photography (Product in Studio)

Flat lay photos are everywhere on social media these days. When shooting products within a studio setting the possibilities are almost limitless. We can control every detail of lighting and background to make even the most difficult to shoot products look perfect. We can pick just the right colors and props that make your brand come to life in a fun and fashionable style.

Choosing the perfect setting for your product images can help you drastically increase conversions. We can help you create custom backdrop options in-studio that highlight your product’s design. Our advanced lighting equipment creates professional images that help build trust with consumers.

eCommerce Photography

While there are various types of commercial photography, eCommerce photography has emerged as a critical niche for many online stores and suppliers. If you need product photography that’s explicitly geared towards the eCommerce niche, iDea Concepts can help you quickly produce the images you require. We understand that consumers value professional photos when they visit an eCommerce site. It’s critical to capture the essence of your products for your online store.

Your website is your business’s online storefront. Without professional images, you won’t be able to build trust with your target market. Sourcing professional eCommerce product photography is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase conversions.

eCommerce photography also happens to be our most affordable photography service. If you’d like to discuss how our commercial photographer can improve your current eCommerce photos, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Event Photography

Are you looking to have your event photographed? Do you want photographs to remember special times in your life, this could be your birthday party, launch event, exhibition, book signing, gallery opening, etc.

Real Estate Photography

Our real estate photography session includes edited interior and exterior photos of your residential or commercial property (one location) from various angles delivered to you via a secure online gallery for download and/or sharing. This includes exterior photos of community features as well if desired (clubhouse, community sign, lake, park, etc.) Perfect for your listing services. We work with individuals, real estate agents, and brokers all over  Florida. We can do this completely unattended if that is your preference. Just provide us with the address and the access information and we’ll take care of the rest. The photos and/or videos are delivered in 1 to 3 business days. If you need them faster, let us know.

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